5 things to do before you leave your job


Don’t find much growth in your current company? Then, it’s time to explore a new job opportunity that has come your way. However, before informing your boss that you’ve found a new job, you need to decide on how you’re going to give notice and wrap things up efficiently.

Here are some things you need to consider before telling your boss you’re leaving:

1. Job requirements: Switching jobs is a major step in your career. And thinking it through and having a plan will help you handle all the stress. Have a temporary plan for your finances, job requirements, commute, and other changes the new job might bring to your current lifestyle.

2. Plan well: It’s always good to have a plan before you approach your boss to give him the news. Discuss various options about who can cover your desk temporarily until they hire someone new. Despite the fact that you and your boss might have different approaches to deal with your leaving, it’s always better to think about what might happen after you leave.

3. Important files: If you’ve been using the company’s computer, don’t forget to take what’s yours. Remember to note down the contact details of people you’ve become personal friends with through work. Also, ensure you transfer all photos, music, movies and other personal information from your office laptop or desktop to another device that you own.

4. Keep it professional: Continue to maintain the same work ethics until you step out of your office for good. It’s always better to leave on a good note and you might want to follow correct procedures for as long as you are at your job. Make sure you don’t burn any bridges on your way out of the company because we live in a small world and you never know who you will run into in the future.

You may be the most professional person to work with but if you leave your job on a negative note, you might struggle for good recommendations when you need one.

5. Update your resume: Now that you’ll be moving into a new role in a new company, don’t forget to update your current position as work experience on your resume. Keep your resume updated . It will help you remember details about all the important projects you want to showcase and job titles before you forget it.

source: Yahoo