5 Things to Avoid This Diwali

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Aiming to prosperity in Diwali, we devote ourselves to please the Goddess of wealth. There are a limited of us who have an inside hanker to celebrate the temperateness somewhat inversely from the rest of the years that have gone past.

Here are 5 things which we should ensure not to do in this Diwali…

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1. Avoid noisy Crackers: Too much spurt crackers is harmful for you and your neighborhood. So say no to burst crackers.

2. Getting Super drunk : Do not spoil your Diwali with over parting which might lose your control to celebrate Diwali ethnically.

3. Dirty Home , No No: You should wipe out all dirt from your home with scrubbing and washing.

4. Avoid Gambling: Indulging gambling is strictly prohibited in this Diwali.

5. Avoid repeating gifts: Giving same gifts again is little embarrassing. So it is advisable not to repeat gifts again.