5 Things Every Person Must Learn Before Marriage


Marriage is an institution by which two people make their relationship official and public. It is a process of love, affection and sacrifices.   However, it is a responsibility of both and shared.

Though marriage is an important step of our life, there are many things which we all need to be acquainted with prior to marriage.

Here are 5 significant things which we all need to know before marriage.

1.    Marriage Law: 

It is the most important part of anything. Understanding the marriage law gives you the protection and establishment of your own self. Its not only gives you the courage to protect yourself but also it gives you the knowledge to help others.


2.    Medical Test:

After marriage there are lot of issues might come up if you are not careful now. HIV test for couple is more popular now a day. Beside this we all need to know the partner’s medical background which gives a concrete view of your partner.


3.    Knowledge about Sex:

Women need to understand that sex is not a duty. It is not always about the man. Sex can be fun and pleasurable too. Before marriage everybody needs to understand what sex is all about. There is plenty number of myth about sex surrounding us. But we all need to know the scientific prospects of sex and marriage.


4.    Be Financially Sound Both:

In recent circumstances both husband and wife need to financially sound. Apart from it both need to be aware of how to manage accounts and split it equally.


5.    Know Your Better Half:

As a beautiful journey of two people, through marriage both the partner will share all their future. So before marriage understand each others mentality increase the affection and mature the relationship.