5 Place to Study Abroad in Affordable Price


If you determine to accomplish your dream to studying abroad, but the climbing worth of dollar is pilfering your dream, then reconnoiter one of these destinations to pursue your higher education.

France: The course which is offered by the French Embassy in India for Indian Students, are offering economic support and grants which are obtainable for commendable scholars for the period of two to three. The meritorious students can get stipends, pre-paid round trip air tickets, tuition fees and medical assistance. The bilateral students exchange program is also accessible in France. Short term scholarship are offered to Indian students who aspiration to pursue bachelor’s/master’s degrees from recognized Indian universities and short courses from French institutions.

Norway: Few universities in Norway deal with specialized course for international students which are taught in English. Norway is an enormously prevalent study terminus for international students as it is offering a good quality of higher education. The Norwegian higher education sector consists of nine specialized university institutions, two national academies of the arts, 20 state university colleges, eight universities, two national academies of the arts and 16 private colleges. Most of the Norwegian Universities do not charge tuition fees except some professional courses.

Finland: International students can go to Finland with an exchange student program or to pursue to complete their academic degree as the Finnish Universities do not charge any tuition fees except some master’s degree. Students can also go to Finland as a trainee. However, there are some scholarships are obtainable for researchers and doctoral students.

Germany: With a very little tuition fees German Universities are offering lot of scholarships opportunities. In German, Indian students can work 120 full days in a year. Here Germany knowing is not a mandate in most courses. However, learning a new language always is a benefit.

Sweden: For providing an ample amount of practical experience, Sweden offer 600 Bachelor’s and Masters’ programmes which is taught in English for international students. These universities are offering more than 500 scholarships for international students.