5 Missing Children Of Kolkata Rescued From Bihar


Patna: All five missing children of Kolkata’s Kudghat area are rescued from Bihar’s Baktiyarpur on Tuesday night.

অবশেষে খোঁজ মিলল কুঁদঘাটের নিখোঁজ পড়ুয়াদের

Earlier, Six children aged between 7 and 16 years left their homes at Kudgat in south Kolkata due to alleged ill-treatment by parents. The six include four boys and two girls. A boy and a girl among them are brother and sister. Police rescued one of the six from Sealdah railway station on 12th February.

The six children have been identified as Debraj Ghosh (7), Arpita Sarkar (12), Abhijit Sarkar (16), Prince Shau (14), Rajdeep Jana (14), and Priya Karmakar (13). Barring Rajdeep, the other five are still missing.

Their families, who live in the same neighbourhood at Kudghat Purba Putiari under Regent Park police station area, claim that the six went around 4 pm on the pretext of playing sports.