5 Minors Escape From Govt ‘Home’


Balurghat: Five minors escaped from a government shelter home of South Dinajpur on Monday, police said. Balurghat’s Government shelter home was named ‘ Shuvayan’. People absconding from their houses are kept in ‘homes’ governed by the Social welfare department.

In these homes, all from criminally involved kids to minors all take shelters. Out of these minor are taken to Pranbanandh Bidyapeeth.

The minors who escaped the home on Monday are Rajkumar Kachua of class 4, rahim Ansari , santosh das, class 2’s Inamul haq and Bholu kumar. But ibnamul haq and bholu kumar has been rescued from Pagliganj in Balurghat.

Co ordiator of NGO ‘child – Line, Suraj das has said on Tuesday, as per child custody law, many children and minor studies in Pranbanandh Bidyapeeth, out of them Bholu kumar, rajkumar kachua and Sontosh Das house is in asansol. Inamul haq is a resident of pabna, Bangladesh. And rahim ansari is aresident of Itahar. The absconding is being searched.