5 Key Points Of Calcutta High Court Verdict On Panchayat Election


Kolkata: After the remarkable verdict of Calcutta High Court ruling party under pressure regarding West Bengal Panchayat Election. The notice issued by West Bengal State election Commission on April 10 has been dismissed by Calcutta High Court. The verdict of Calcutta High Court can be summed up in following five points:

1. The notice issued on April 10 which has cancelled the extended date for filing nomination.

2. West Bengal government should have say on the election process.

3. Election Commission urged that Election can not be conducted in Ramzan and Monsoon. Both Points have been dismissed by Calcutta High Court.

পঞ্চায়েত মামলার রায় নিয়ে আদালতের পঞ্চবাণ

4. Commission has to fix another date for filing nomination. Court will not interfere in their decision.

5. Entire election process will be completed after a negotiation with West Bengal Government.