5 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know


Hairstyling need not always require straightener, curlers or serums. Simple everyday tools can provide you with new and trendy hairstyles to break the monotony of buns and ponytails.

Five hacks that every girl should know  for rendering a innovative look to your hair.

1. Brushes That Can Brush Up New Styles: Five kinds of brushes need to be included in your closet for all kinds of looks. Combo to curl to the all-purpose, brushes are essential in your beauty tool kit.hairbrushes

2. Clamp Claw Clips: Using a claw clip instead of a regular rubber band can make your hair look voluminous.ponytail

3. Blown Away By Blow Dried Hair: Talcum powder and long barreled curling iron can work wonders with curls at the end of the hair. Try for a complete different look without visiting a parlour.blowed-hair

4. Create Waves: Waving hair can be done easily now. Just iron your braids on two sides and you can get wavy hair in minutes. Much akin to palmed hair.palmed-hair

5. Sticky Bobby Pins: Prevent the bobby pins from slipping. This hack can save time to struggle with pins misplacing every time.bobby-pins