5 Food Items One Should Avoid During Monsoon


Finally the rains are here. During monsoon diseases arise due to consuming unhygienic food and water. If you avoid this, you can prevent several diseases.

Here’s The List:

Pakoras: Pakoras with tea is an irresistible snack during monsoons. However they are deep-fried which is unhealthy even if cooked at home. Humidity levels are generally high during the rainy season because of which body’s digestive ability is reduced. Therefore, avoid heavy and oily food as it can lead to an upset stomach.

Kachori/Samosa: Samosas or kachori is also a much-loved snack option alongside evening tea during monsoons. Samosa stuffing can cause an upset stomach, acidity, diabetes, and obesity when consumed regularly. Another aspect of eating this snack from roadside is that they may be fried in oil stored for several months, makes them unhygienic, and an absolute dietary villain. One can try making these snacks using healthy alternatives like yam instead of using potato for the stuffing. Also, the upper crust can be made of whole wheat flour. But even then, eat in moderation.

Sea Food: Monsoon is the breeding season for fish and prawns, it is better to avoid seafood during monsoons. If it is essential to eat fish, chose fresh fish.

Leafy Vegetables: It is a known fact the leafy vegetables are highly important for health. However, it is recommended to avoid consumption of leafy veggies during monsoon. The dampness, dirt and mud present in the leaves make these veggies susceptible to many germs, leading to different stomach infections. If it is must have for someone, it is ideal to thoroughly wash them before cooking them.

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Precut or Peeled Fruits: It is better to avoid fruits which have been precut or peeled and kept in the open. Mangoes should be avoided once the monsoons start. Fruits like pears, peaches, plums, papayas and bananas should be consumed. Wash well before consuming. Nuts and seeds too can be had in small quantities.

One can choose healthy options to avoid infections from roadside food and making it home gives one an option to choose healthy ingredients too. But remember regular consuming of oily snacks causes serious health issues.

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