5 Drinks For Warming Up In Winter


Winter is here and to embrace the season we need some flaming liquids to sustain ourselves from the outside chills. With home based ingredients, we can quickly shake up some non-alcoholic beverages. The sight of a steaming cup is itself a pleasure ride.

Hot Lemon Water: With basic condiments like lemon, sugar, salt, this lukewarm drink is known to cleanse toxic fluids being antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.lemon-water

Masala Chai: Indians are known for their eternal love for tea. Tea infused with spices like cardamom,cinnamon, cloves, star anise adds a whole new level. Drink it while it is warm, is what is suggested. Apart from being a potent body warmer, it helps to fight the winter cold by fighting viral infections. It raises the body temperature. Also increases metabolism which is otherwise decreased due to reduced physical activities in winter.masala-chai

Hot Turmeric Milk: This age old recipe has been passed onto generations. Turmeric and honey in boiled milk is not always welcoming due to its bittersweet taste but is known as the best cure for any kind of infections. This concoction works for pain relief, inflammations and has loads of other health benefits.

Ginger Drink: Ginger juliennes boiled in water with drops of honey is an easy to make warm drink. Ginger promotes good digestion, can relieve discomfort arousing out of osteoarthritis. Also works as an instant relief for coughing and throat-related distress.

Hot Chocolate: Molten chocolate in milk and cream should be a guilt free trip in winters. Hailed as favourite among kids, hot chocolate dates back to the Classic period. Though metamorphosed with various other ingredients, the authentic recipe still is immensely popular among all age groups. Who says  no to Chocolates?hot-chocolate