5 Dieting Mistakes Damage Your Body Immunity


Most of us are going throw in certain phase where we desperately want to loosen up our wait. We all want to look good and healthy. But several times we do not even know how to plan our regular diet and take some wrong path. These mistakes can lose a few kilos but your body can wrongfully lose the immunity power.

Here are 5 dieting mistakes which we easily make.

1. Skipping Breakfast:
Having the three elements – curbs, fibre and sugar, breakfast is the most essential part of our daily life. We generally skip or having some fluid is damaging in long run.


2. Taking salad all the time:
Salad is good for health but only taking salad might not good for your health system. Not having enough carbohydrates, salad cannot provide you enough nutrition.

3. Consuming too much fruits and nuts:
Fruits and nuts have high sugar and extraordinary fat content. So while taking this so called ‘healthy food’ you might not lose your weight besides adding more.

4. Omitting carbohydrate from your diet list:
Overlook carbohydrate from your diet chart can make you feel hungrier and we eat more than usual.

5. Having extra protein:  Eating excess protein sometimes store extra fat which is not good for your metabolism.