5 CPM Dist Committee Members Arrested In Khoyrashol Firing Incident


Suri: Five CPM district committee members have been arrested in the CPM-Trinamool Congress conflict that took place in Khoyrasol area of Birbhum district in West Bengal on Monday afternoon.

To maintain peace in the area local CPM leaders had organized a rally on Monday that has ended near the CPM party office. Name of the arrested are Bimal Ghosh, Mahadeb Karmakar, Syamapada Bauri, Dlip Gope. Dubrajpur sub-division court has termed jail custody for them on Tuesday.

According to the police source, a FIR was filed against twenty three people after the firing took place from CPM party office. District CPM people said th

at it is an outcome of factional feud. Though no counter report has been filed in this regard.

In an initiative to keep the peace, CPM has organised the rally. The incident sparked following a verbal tussle which turned violent within gew minutes. A manhandling situation evoked in front og the party office.

The Trinamool-Congress leadership said that the firing happened following the manhandling situation. A TMC worker Lalbabu has been critically injured in the incident. He received bullets on his waist. Agitation sparked after the incident in Khoyrashol.

The injured TMC supporter’s name is Sheikh Afzal alias (Lal Babu). He was quickly taken to the local hospital.TMC Rupushpur area president Shankar Borai said that, “The CPM started the clashes after the procession was over.”

But there is tension in the area. Police is investigating the incident. People will be interrogated in this regard.