5 Best Places to Visit in India during Winter


Winter is the most pleasurable part of India. With a cup of coffee and some lazy afternoons, winter delights us with her charm and lovely atmosphere. Winter has also given the mood of festivity. Due to lack of hit and fatigue weather, winter is also known for vacations and travelling.
Here are some best places in India where you can enjoy your vacations in this winter.

1.    Manali:

Situated at an altitude of 6,726 feet, Manali in Himchal Pradesh is a place for paradise of honeymooners. It is also a place for adventure seekers. In winter the weather conditions are really cold and the temperature falls to -1°C. So, while it is really cold, one can enjoy the picturesque white view and snowfalls. Adventure lovers are also indulging the skiing with full of inclination.

2.    Kerala:

People who do not want to come out of their blanket in this winter, there is a place for them which bring them a moderate climate throughout the year. Kerala is a perfect destination of holyday in India. During Kerala outing, you can choose to relax on calm beaches, sojourn in a treehouse in Kerala, take a backwater tour and so much more.


3.    Goa:

Hippie’s paradise Goa is known for The Saturday Night Market, Sunburn Festival, and Supersonic and so on. The atmosphere is electric especially during the time of New Year and Christmas. Just be aware of overpriced hotels and restaurants during that time of the year. Better to make your bookings in advance to avoid hassles in winter months.


4.    Auli:

For a skiing holiday, best destinations during winter months are Auli. A part of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, this valley is home of some beautiful skiing hills. In fact Auli has given a tough competition to Manali and Shimla as skiing destinations in India. December is the best time to be here due to the amount of snowfall which takes place. So have snowball fights, indulge in some skiing and other adventure sports, or relax and taken in the scenic views of the Himalays from your resort.


5.    Jodhpur:

Known as ‘Blue City’ in India, Jodhpur is a popular place for tourist. This place is consisting with numerous forts, temples and palaces which brings artistic architectures as well as portray the Indian culture.  It is on the onshore of Thar Desert and hence you can even get a glimpse of the life of the desert folks.


Why wait? Just pack your bags and enjoy your vacation.