5 Barbaric Festivals That Shames Humanity


While festivals are celebrated to observe a country’s cultural tradition, some are just a little too extravagant to be deemed humane to the rest of the world. And the festivities turn rather barbaric when harmless animals are dragged into it!


Deopokhari Festival: This is a festival celebrated in the Khokana village in the valley of Kathmandu, Nepal. This ritual promotes the cruel act of inflicting pain on a young female goat. The goat is strangled, trashed, bitten and basically tortured to death. The reason why the festival is held will leave you dumbstruck. The locals believe that a demon resides inside the villages Deu pond next to the Rudrayain temple where several villagers happened to drown in the past. And in order to pacify the demon, they sacrifice the life of an innocent goat, so that no humans are harmed. It gets worse—the man who ultimately succeeds in killing the goat gets to lead the procession! Well if this isn’t disturbing, what is?


Ukweshwama Festival: This is an extremely popular ritual conducted in South Africa. It is performed to thank the forthcoming crops. But the manner in which it is conducted will make you sick to your stomach. This appalling festival consists of young men tormenting and persecuting a petrified bull. The bull is inflicted with excruciating pain, where its tongue is ripped out of its mouth and a handful of dirt is stuffed down its throat, its eyes are scratched out and its genitals are mutilated. Imagine the horror!


Horse Wrestling: The term “Rapa das bestas” literally translates into “terrorising and torturing for fun”, and we are truly left befuddled as we try to comprehend how the two words torturing and fun are used in the same sentence.

Well, horse wrestling started somewhat 400 years back. During the event certain drunken citizens of Galicia climb up a hill and track wild horses down. Once they are brought into the town, they are wrestled with bare hands and the residents clip the horses’ mane and their tail. What kind of sadistic pleasure is this?


Yulin Dog Festival: We sincerely hope that China comes out with another way to beat the heat because the Yulin Dog Festival is unacceptable. This tradition of consuming dog’s meat traces back to almost five hundred years, as it was believed that the ingestion of their meat will help avert the heat of the summer solstice. The dogs are skinned alive after being burnt, they are boiled and electrocuted. Yet some citizens believe that the festival is conducted in a humane manner. Some grass root initiatives have been taken up claiming that the festival is unconstitutional and should be cancelled forever. Let’s hope that things work out in favour of our furry companions.


Quail Capturing: This festival is celebrated every year by the residents of Valencia in Spain, where the residents gather a number of infant quail birds (only a few weeks old), load them into canons and aim for the sky. After being shot, they are reloaded again into a shotgun and fired until their bodies are spread into tiny pieces. If this wasn’t enough, there’s a huge audience that gathers to cheer too.