5 Arrested For Selling Fake Voter Cards & Duplicate Sim Cards


Krishnanagar: Five accused were arrested on Saturday night for possessing and selling fake voter cards and duplicate sim cards in Krishnanagar.

The officers from the Ranaghat Shantipur police station arrested 5 men and women over charges of having fake voter cards and sim cards. The police officers had already discovered a racket involved in producing fake voter cards. 2 people were arrested for the same accusations. On interrogating them, the police learnt about these 5 men and women.

The arrested Abhijit Bhattacharya and Sandip Sarkar were involved secretly in making fake sim cards. The police arrested both of them from Abhijit’s house. They were both making false cards when the police raided Abhijit’s house. The police has seized a lot of fake voter cards and illegal sim cards from them.