45,000 School Class Rooms In Kerala To Go Digital


Thiruvananthapuram: As many as 45,000 classrooms in Kerala will soon be digitised under a state government initiative that aims to impart IT education to schools.

The IT@School Project, envisaged a comprehensive upgradation of various elements of classroom learning such as infrastructure, textbooks, learning materials, teacher training, handbooks, monitoring and evaluation, and e-governance using ICT, is being implemented in classes from Standard 8 to 12.

The implementation of ‘Hi-Tech’ school project which commenced in September last is being piloted in Alappuzha, Puthukad, Kozhikode North and Thaliparamba assembly constituencies, an IT@School statement said here on Sunday. Detailed activities for expanding the programme to the remaining 136 constituencies are progressing and online school survey starts from November 15, it said.

“This project aims to make Kerala a fully digitalised state in education sector,” C Raveendranath, Minister for Education said.

The state government would facilitate necessary physical, academic and digital contents which are required for implementing ICT education as part of this programme, he said. All teachers would be provided with basic IT training, specific training for classroom teaching using ICT equipment, ICT enabled subject training, training on ICT content development and its technical aspects, the statement said.

Under this programme, all schools would be equipped with Digital Interactive Textbooks, Digital Content Collection for easy learning of all subjects, Resource portal which would ensure a round-the-clock learning atmosphere to all, E-learning/M-Learning/Learning Management system and evaluation mechanisms.

All classrooms would be equipped with computers, multimedia projector, sound system and high speed internet connection, which every student and teacher could make use of, it said. .