45 Age Limit For VRS Of The State Govt Employees


Kolkata: The facility for a Volunatary Retirement Service (VRS) is being started
once again in the West Bengal Transport Corporation. As a result of this, changes
are being made. In taking part in this scheme, the age limit is being reduced by 5
years. Till date, this VRS scheme was started four times, as per a report by a
Bengali daily.

According to the report, those who fell under this category in the last year, their
age limit was 50 years. This year, it has been reduced to 45 years. An official of
the transport department told the daily that it is seen several times that some
people are not able to take part in the schemes for not complying with the age. So
the age-limit has been reduced.

On the other hand, some former members protested in front of their West Bengal
Transport Corporation office over their righful money under the VRS scheme. On
this, an official of the corporation said that as per the rules, all the officials
received what they were supposed to. If any other problems were there, then that
would be solved too.