400 illegal migrants killed a vessel capsizes


Rome: 400 illegal migrants died after their vessel capsized off the Libiyan coast on Sunday. the survivors of the mishap were brought to Italy where tension is mounting over a surge in boat arrivals from North Africa.

According to the Italian coast guard, 144 of the people were rescued from the vessel, while nine bodies have also been recovered.

The International Organization for Migration and the charity Save the Children said that nearly 144 to 150 survivors arrived at Reggio Calabria, on Tuesday morning.

There were many young men, probably minors among the victims. Children were also rescued.

IOM spokesperson Flavio di Giacomo said that many of the survivors said that there were between 500-550 people on board when the ship sank.

Due to the increasing violent and Chaotic situation in Libiya, has helped in the hike in Asylum seekers trying to make it to Europe.

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