40% Salaries Hiked For UP Ministers


Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh Cabinet on Wednesday gave it nod for salary hike for legilators, ministers and the chief minister. As per the report, salaries of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Cabinet minister has been hiked by at least 40%. After the ammendment, the junior ministers in the state will get a hike of Rs 25,000 more in their salary, while the chief minister and other Cabinet ministers will get a monthly hike of Rs 28,000.

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Cabinet ministers, who were entitled to a salary of Rs 12,000, will now draw Rs 40,000 every month, effective from September, while salaries of ministers of state will now be at least Rs 35,000.

Till date, the ministers in Uttar Pradesh were receiving salary which was much lesser in comparision to other states. As per the report, its been over 25 years since the salaries of Uttar Pradesh ministers were revised.  The Cabinet has approved the salary hike for Chief Minister and other ministers at a time when the condition of entire state is being questioned.

However, at least for now, the legislators have justified it by saying that the salary hike was a long-standing demand; also other ministers in other states are drawing four times of what they are getting.