40 Gram Panchayats Faces Show Cause Notice In Bardhaman


Bardhaman: District administration of East Bardhaman has decided to show cause forty gram panchayat among two hundred and fifteen gram for no work in 100 days-work scheme.

A district level developmental routine meeting in Bardhaman has decided to do so. The president of Zilla Parishad Debu Tudu said, On February 11, Mamata will inaugurate few projects and East Bardhaman is under the same program.

A project of one thousand km road construction will be inaugurated on that day. The meeting was led by the discussion of the projects. Forty gram panchayet came up with their clarification that sowing and rowing of paddy in this season have beefed up such problem. District administration has denied their points.

Within ten days of issuing notice they have to start work otherwise they will be deprived from the support of finance commission. West Bengal will have their panchayat election within next three months. The developmental works are underway. Every work has to be finished within due date of the order.