4 Purulia Families Joins TMC Day After Amit Shah Meet


Purulia: Day after BJP supremo Amit Shah has returned to pavillion after his two-day visit in West Bengal. Amit Shah went to meet those families in their house and soon after that such shift is putting BJP in discomfort zone.

The BJP president Amit Shah met the dalit family in his Purulia tour. The state BJP was accompanied with him. In his visit, he met and talked with the families. Simultaneously, TMC started contacting them on the same day. the final decision has been taken on that day.

Reportedly, a team of Trinamool has started their journey to Kolkata with them. Officially they will join BJP on Friday. Purulia district TMC member Manikmani Mukherjee has accepted their shift to TMC. He said, “The dalit family has been harassed by BJP. We have decided to include them after talking to the top leadership.”

Though the incident is not new. The same thing happened in the last visit of Amit Shah in West Bengal. He had lunch with a family of Naxalbari in North Bengal. The family has shifted to TMC soon after the incident.

The Purulia BJP secretary Vivek Ranga has criticised such shift suddenly. He said this is not the way to stop the growth of BJP in West Bengal.