4 people charred to death at Simla


Shimla: Four people of a family were charred to death in a fire in a village near Shimla. The fire, which broke out late on Thursday, claimed four lives, including two children.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined and police say investigation into the case is in its primary stage. “Four people have died in this fire, a man, his wife and their two young children. Investigation is in the primary stage and the post-mortem reports are awaited. Forensic team will determine the cause of the fire,” said police officer Dushyant Sarpal.

Villagers said the fire may have spread from a gas stove. Two of the six-member family survived the accident. “The whole village is saddened by this incident as this is the first time we saw such a heavy casualty,” said Anirudh Singh, a villager. The aggrieved family was visited by a local legislator and 600,000 rupees has been announced as compensation to the family.