4 Hrs For Kolkatans To Watch Lunar Eclipse


Kolkata: World will witness longest lunar eclipse of the decade. The eclipse will continue till four hours where ‘Red Full Moon’ will be visible on Friday. Solar eclipse took place few days ago but India couldn’t witness this.

But this year there is a chance to have that visual. Kolkatans could be the watcher of such rare scene if the sky is clear. Reportedly, Kolkata and entire India will have the chance to look on the lunar eclipse from July 27 midnight to July 28 dawn time which is almost 3 hours 54 minutes. This would be the decade’s longest lunar eclipse.

How the moon will turn red ? When earth will come in between moon and sun then the shadow of earth will cover the moon. More descriptively, white light of the sun will come in the atmosphere, the blue colour of the Earth will be mixed with sun’s white light. Red light will come out of dispersion. It will make the moon red.

Astronomers said, the will last more than 103 minutes, four minutes lesser than the longest lunar eclipse. The most obvious look will be available from East Africa, Middle East, Central Asia. In the U.S such cosmic event can be enjoyed for 83 minutes. However, the weather will play the key role for a clear view.