Car Accident In Lucknow, 4 Dead


Update: 2 accused for hit & run case in Lucknow have been arrested by police & 3 are absconding.

Lucknow: Four labourers were killed and six others were severely injured after a car crashed into a night shelter in Lucknow early this morning. The car – a Hyundai i20 – crashed into the night shelter in central Lucknow’s Dalibagh area.

The car was allegedly being driven at a high speed when the accident happened at around 2 am. 35 labourers were sleeping inside the night shelter. The four labourers who died were all daily wage earners from eastern Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district. The six labourers who are severely injured have been taken to the trauma centre in Lucknow.

Both occupants of the car tried to escape after the accident but were caught by those who stay in the night shelter and handed over to the police. The two occupants have been detained by the police and are being questioned. One of them is reportedly the son of a local politician, while the other the son of a businessman. According to the police both the men were allegedly drunk at the time of the incident.