4 dead, 200 injured in Bangladesh clashes


Dhaka: Deadly clashes erupted in Bangladesh leaving four people dead and almost 200 injured after opposition leader Khaleda Zia called for protest rallies and strikes to mark the first anniversary of Bangladesh elections which she had termed as ‘Democracy Killing Day’.

Police had banned protests and rallies fearing violent clashes between ruling party and opposition putting a halt to public transport and ferries. Zia was also locked up inside her office in Dhaka by police who prevented anyone from entering or leaving the office.

Speaking to reporters Zia said, “The government has captured my office and has put the entire country to a standstill. The government is afraid so it trying to curb our protest.”

Police said that they have not put the opposition leader under house arrest, whatever they have done is only for her security. The BNP leaders rubbished the claims saying that Zia was being prevented from participating in rallies taking place throughout the country.

She also alleged that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is trying to establish a one party rule in the disguise of democracy. She again demanded fresh election where all parties can contest the elections peacefully.

Zia’s BNP and other opposition parties had boycotted last year’s elections saying that there would be rigging from Awami League’s end. It gave Hasina to retain her PM post without contesting the elections.