4 Arrested With Cocaine At IGI Airport

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New Delhi: Drug enforcement agencies today busted an international drug racket and arrested four foreign nationals for allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine inside chocolates wrapped in foil.

Manana Victoria Makhalema from South Africa, Makoroti Esnath from Zimbabwe, Muhammad Khairul Nizzam from Malaysia and Mafanya Ntombovuyo from South Africa were arrested after Directorate Of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) officials at Delhi airport opened the chocolate wrappers and found some light-coloured pellets with the chocolate inside the wrapper. Forensic examination revealed that these pellets were filled with cocaine.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the chocolates were handed over to the four accused at the Dubai airport and were meant to be delivered to a man named John, who is from Nigeria and currently residing in Delhi. The four landed at the Capital in Emirates flight.

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While the four foreigners have been arrested, police are on the lookout for the main accused.

This is perhaps not the first time when police have busted such a racket. Since April, five persons have been arrested for smuggling cocaine from Dubai to Delhi. Records show that Dubai is now increasingly becoming a point for smugglers, delivering high value narcotics across various places.