4 Arrested In Regent Park Shootout


Kolkata: Another arrest has been made on Monday for firing a businessman at Regent Park over the syndicate issue.

Subrata Roy was arrested on Monday by the Kolkata police. After several interrogations of the 3 accused who were detained by the police, the police got information from him on the whereabouts of Subrata. The police then arrested Subrata from Bansdroni area. Till now, 4 arrests have been made in the syndicate issue.

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Last Thursday night, Rajiv Nandi, a businessman was heavily injured in an open fire by several goons. As per police sources, a party was going on near the Bansdroni Jayashree club. Rajiv was present at the party. During the party, a huge quarrel broke out between Rajiv and the goons. Post this quarrel, the goons openly fired at Rajiv soon after the party was over.

The police had primarily suspected that the goons had a business relation with Rajiv and were present at the party too. The police suspected that 3 goons were present at the party. He was attacked following some old tussle between them.

Initially, the police had detained 2 suspects and they are being interrogated. The police officers of the Regent police station are still on the lookout for a few more suspects.