37 People East-Midnapore Participated In 5th State Taekwondo Competition


Haldia: Bengal Ameture Taekwondo Association and Taekwondo Federation Of India jointly organising the fifth edition of state taekwondo competition. In this event, thirty seven participants of East Midnapore have been participated in the Taekwondo competition.

The event will take place at SBS High School on 25 and 26 of August. The coach of the East Midnapore team has already reached Pandua. Krishna Monda, one of the coach said that, ” There was no infrastructure of taekwondo. But now we are getting the facilities as few training centres has been built. It is a result of that.”

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Seventy Five students are taking training in East Midnapore. Among them thirty five have been selected for the 5th edition of taekwondo festival.