37 civilians killed in Nigerian airstrike

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Kano: 37 people were killed in a Niger village when an Nigerian military plane dropped a bomb on mourners wounding 20 others.

The incident came to be known on Wednesday that the military get was on an operational mission against Boko Haram but accidentally targeted a funeral gathering in Abadam Faransa.

Though it is still unclear which country carried out the operations, the residents blamed Nigeria for the attacks which was denied by that country. An official of the Nigerian air Force said that said that the military didn’t conduct any air raids in the area on that day.

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Cameroon, Chad and Niger and Nigeria have recently stepped up its offensive against the Nigerian terror outfit Boko Haram. Fighter jets have been used by Chad and Nigeria.

Although most of the violence has taken place in Nigeria, the neighbouring countries such as Cameroon and Chad have also been increasingly hit.