32 companies of Central Force to come into state


Kolkata: 32 companies of Central Forces willl be brought into the state for the municipal polls slated to be held within 24 hours from now. It is learnt that the state election commission had demanded for around 50 companies of central forces. The central ministry has approved of only 32 out of the total demand. But from whici region of the country, the central forces will be deploid has not yet been known.

The different political parties feel that it would be difficult to deploy them in different regions of north and south bengal within this short span of time. After the violence seen at the KMC polls, the state election commission has decided to play it safe in the second phase of the polls. In order to avoid any unavoidable situation the election commission has decided to deploy 32 companies of Central Forces to prevent any unavoidable situation at the time of polls

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