300 Workers From TMC-CPM Join Congress In Murshidabad


Behrampore: Strengthening the Bengal Congress camp, three hundreds active Trinamool and CPM workers from Sonakatri Gram Panchayat & Dudhsar Gram Panchayat of Naoda block and Satui Gram Panchayat of Beldanga block have shifted to Congress.

Former Bengal Pradesh Congress president Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury was present in the joining programme. In the continuous face off between State and Centre, Bengal Congress is trying to boost the party in the regional zone.

In his speech, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said that, “Police became the uniformed TMC workers means TMC workers in uniform. In TMC’s regime, police has got the idea of being minions. So opposition do not get the priority in Bengal. People get manipulated in casting their votes and expressing their opinions.”

Apart from this, he criticised Mamata Banerjee over the ongoing Bengal Global Business Summit 2019 which has invited delegations from 35 countries to attract business in Bengal. Attacking her, he said that “the estimation could not meet the need and expextation of people of bengal.”

On Friday, more than 300 people have joined Congress in presence of Member of Parliament Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury at the district headquarter of Congress in Muerrshidabad. This has boosted Bengal Congress camp before Lok Sabha 2019.

In the escalating political tension, party shift became a trend before Lok Sabha 2019. Murshidabad is not left behind in this case. With the growing time, Congress is securing its political camp in Murshidabad which is known as the ‘land of Nawab of Bengal.”