30 words to be censored by board


Mumbai: Close your ears when someone says F**k, B***h. That’s what elders use to say but tell them you don’t have to since any such words won’t be luring to your ears for now on. These abusive or sexual terms will be a history soon. Astonished!!

Yes, a new list of English and Hindi cuss words has gone viral on net. 30 words which are offensive including the word ‘Bombay’ will not be used in the films. This was the message conveyed by the new chairman of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Pahlaj Nihalani on February 14. Some words which are perfectly parliamentary, but have ‘dual uses’ have been included in the list. So, brace yourself up if you can’t use the word ‘Patana’ in hindi movie, or the word ‘screw’ in an English one.

Nihalani, passed a new rule in circulation, where it is to be considered offence even to state any such words. ‘It has been noticed that some of the objectionable words or abusive words have still not been deleted from the films. The details of such words are given below. All ROs are directed not to allow such words in any category of the certificate. This is also applicable to regional languages films.’ Twitterati took to the social networking media reacting to it, some positive some negative. Still obeying the rules and by all chances to abide them.