30% lawyers in India are fake: BCI chief


Chennai: Manan Kumar Mishra, Chairman of Bar Council of India has revealed on Saturday that 30% of all the lawyers in India are holding fake degrees.

He disclosed the matter at a mega lawyers meet organized by the BCI in Chennai. He said that the Bar Council of India has the statutory power to discipline the errant lawyers and take action against them. He said that according to the BCI’s estimation, about 20% were practicing in courts without valid law degrees.

The BCI chairman also expressed concern over the strikes and boycotts by lawyers for petty issues.  He said that the BCI has proposed a three-tier disputes resolution mechanism which envisages committees at district, high court and Supreme Court levels. Any dispute will first go to the committee which will be headed by a district judge, then to the senior most judge of a particular high court and at last to the apex court.