30 Foot Long Whale Washed Ashore in Mumbai

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Mumbai: A nearly 30-foot-long whale was washed ashore at the popular Juhu beach in Mumbai.

The whale weighing around three to four tonnes was spotted last night by locals who then informed the police and the forest department.

Carcasses of 38 baleen whales were washed ashore recently near the Tiruchendur beach in Tamil Nadu while more than 250 whales stranded in shallow waters were pushed back into the deep sea.

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In June last year, a 42-foot-long blue whale was washed ashore at the Revdanda coast, about 17 kms south of Alibaug in the neighbouring Raigad district.

Forest officials had contacted marine biologists after spotting it when it was still alive and struggling to survive.

However, the whale had later died