3 TDP Leaders Kidnapped by Maoists


Hyderabad: Maoists have reportedly kidnapped three local leaders of the Telugu Desam Party from the Andhra-Odisha border area in Visakhapatnam district.The leaders were identified as Mukkala Mahesh, Vandalam Balaiah and Balaiah Padal.

The Maoists had demanded an immediate ban on bauxite mining in the state border area and had asked the three leaders to attend a meeting. But the leaders had skipped the meeting.

The Maoists, through their network, had asked the leaders to meet them at Dharkonda, assuring that they would not be harmed. But when the leaders went to meet them, they were held captive, said K Praveen, the district police chief.

Police received information regarding the abduction last night.The police said that the Maoists will take them in the deep interior forest area towards the border of East Godavari district. We are waiting for the Maoists to put forth their demands,” The Maoists had earlier threatened “extreme action” if the government failed to meet their demand.

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