3 rounds of bullet fired near the Museum


Kolkata: In the heart of the city near the Indian Museum, 3 rounds of bullets were fired during the time of election on Saturday. It is reported that 3 rounds of bullets were fired at the CPM candidate of the area Fuad Halim. The elected candidate of the area Santosh Pathak keeps the TMC at the point of suspicion of the incident. He also raises the point that how would the goon fire bullets in the extra secured area near the museum.

According to Fuad Halim, the goons wanted to capture the booth like they did in other areas. As they were unallowed to capture the booth, they started firing, added Halim. He also said that they have registered a complaint to the local police and the election commission as well. Previously, cases of firing and bombings were also registered in some parts of the city. The city is surely under disturbance at the time of KMC polls.

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