3 Months On, India Fails To Hoist Tallest Tricolor Near Attari Border


New Delhi : India is gearing up to celebrate its Independence day on 15 August but country’s tallest tricolor which was hoisted with pride at a height of 360 feet near the Indo-Pakistan border in Attari is not swaying for last three months.

According to a report published in the Hindustan Times, local authorities had taken down the national flag in April this year after it got torn due to high-velocity winds.

Amritsar deputy commissioner (DC) Kamaldeep Singh Sangha has also written to local bodies minister Navjot Singh Sidhu about the embarrassment it brings to take down the national flag.

There are only 15 days left for the Independence Day but authorities still could not find the solution of flag problem.

However, Amritsar MP Gurjeet Singh Aujla has claimed that the flag will be hoisted on 15 August and if there is any hitch it will be pulled down again.

“The flag would be hoisted, even if for a day. If there is any hitch, it can be pulled down again, HT quoted Aujla as saying.

“I would speak to local bodies minister Navjot Singh Sidhu and I am sure we all will soon find a solution. I would be taking up the matter with the Centre too and suggest reducing the height of the flag,” he said.

Apart from the Tricolor at the border, a 170-feet high flag at Ranjit Avenue area in Amritsar was also pulled down after it too got torn 13 times.