Civic Police Dead, 3 Injured In Kalimpong Blast

  • one civic police dead in Kalimpong Blast. Security hiked at Siliguri.

Kalimpong: 3 police Injured in Blast near Kalimpong Mela Ground, locals reported. Huge police force reached the spot to handle the situation.

Earlier, bomb has ripped through the heart of Darjeeling’s Old Super Market including the Motor Stand area on Friday late night. According to our source, at least 12 shops in the Old Super Market area have been affected due to the blast. The blast has also damaged the structures of few shops in the busy shopping area of Darjeeling.

The sound of the huge explosion created an impact on the local people of Club Side area as well as the Chowk Bazar area. Out of panic, the locals came out of their houses.

The Fire Brigade, police and CRPF immediately rushed to the spot to douse the fire. The police force has been deployed in the spot and the department is probing into the incidence. No injury or casualties have been reported till now.As per reports, no individual or organisation has taken the responsibility of this huge explosion till now.