After 3 Days Of Interrogation, Samuel Allowed To Leave City


Kolkata: After three days of questioning in connection with the alleged extortion case of former Bihar MP D P Yadav, cops on Saturday finally allowed Narada News boss Mathew Samuel to go home. Samuel, who is scheduled to leave Kolkata on Sunday morning, has been asked to appear again on June 27.

Samuel, who came out of the police station after more than seven hours of interrogation on Saturday, said he has been asked to submit some documents and a mobile phone. “They have asked for my resignation letter from ‘Tehelka’. They have also asked for the list of the staffers who had left ‘Tehelka’ during my tenure there,” he said.

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Samuel is being quizzed by the Kolkata Police in connection to an extortion complaint by the former Bihar MP. In February this year, Yadav received a call from an unknown caller who demanded Rs 5 crore. The caller, whose location was traced to Kolkata, threatened to leak a video of a sting operation.

Based on his complaint, Kolkata Police started a probe and zeroed in on a Sealdah lodge where the caller checked in as Vikram Singh. During a search at the lodge, a laptop and a mobile phone was found, but Yadav went missing. A photograph resembling Samuel was allegedly found in the laptop apart from a video of the sting operation. It was also alleged that Samuel received two phone calls from Singh.

ম্যাথুর তোলাবাজির রহস্য ভেদ করতে বিক্রমকে খুঁজছে পুলিশ

“I don’t recall any Vikram Singh. Police have already interrogated two of my colleagues regarding that,” Samuel said.

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