3 Bengal Climbers Go Missing On Mt. Everest Expedition

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Kolkata: Three Bengal climbers including a woman are missing after beginning their ascent to Mt Everest, a police official monitoring the expedition to the world highest peak said on Saturday.

The climbers went missing on Friday night, a day after another climber from Bengal was killed after successfully climbing Mt Dhaulagiri, the seventh highest peak in the world.

The three – identified as Gautam Ghosh, Paresh Nath and Sunita Hazra – launched the assault on Mt Everest along with five other climbers, also from Bengal.

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“They have not been since then,” said Ujjwal Roy, a climber himself who is monitoring the expedition on behalf of the state government. The five scaled Mt Everest on Saturday morning, he said.

“The owner of the agency conducting the expedition informed us around midday that the three persons can’t be traced. The information was conveyed to him by Subhas Pal, one of the five who scaled the peak successfully,” Roy added.

Besides Pal, others who climbed Mt Everest are Rudraprasad Haldar, Ramesh Ray, Satyarup Siddhanta and Maloy Mukherjee. It was not immediately clear whether the three missing climbers out after the group of five.

Mt Everest has seen a rush of climbers in the past few weeks after Nepal government lifted a ban imposed after a devastating earthquake in 2015 killed at least 18 people at the base camp, situated at 17,800 feet altitude, and forced hundreds of climbers to abandon their expeditions.

Mount Everest has seen nearly 300 summits this season. On May 19, another group of three Bengal climbers — Debraj Dutta, Pradip Sahu and Chetana Sahu — scaled Everest.

Another Bengal climber Rajib Bhattacharya died on Mount Dhaulagiri during descent. An operation to recover his body begun on Saturday morning.

On May 12, 2014 Chhanda Gayen from Bengal went missing on her way down from Yalung Kang (Kanchenjunga West), considered one of the most dangerous peaks in the Himalayas. Her body was never found along with three sherpas.