3 Arrested Over Child Assault In Murshidabad

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Berhampore: Three person have been arrested by Samserganj police in Murshidabad for physically assaulting a child for stealing 400 hundred rupees. Hamshed Sheikh, 50 years old tea-shop owner, Saafikul Alaam, 35 years old and Nazmul Hauque, a 26 years old man have been arrested for their involvement in the incident on Thursday night.

The incident took place in Antardip village of Samserganj. As per the local source, a ten year old boy was roaming around the tea-shop on Thursday morning. Then the onwer did not get the accounts details in his shop. The shop owner and two other friend have beaten the child badly. Several organs have been wounded during this. Few people captured this and spread in social media.

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The family of the child filed FIR to Samserganj police. An investigation started after this. The wrongly identified Karim Sheikh has been admitted in hospital. Police arrested three person in connection to the incident on Thursday night.