3 Arrested In Maddox Square Murder Case

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Kolkata: Three accused in the murder of Romit Mandal has been arrested on Thursday from Peyarabagan area in Kolkata.

Romit Mandal suffered heavy injuries to his head on Tuesday after he and his friends were attacked by a group of unidentified assailants. He later on succumbed to his injuries at a private hospital in the E.M. Bypass.

As per police sources, they have acquired the CCTV footages from the cameras which were at a 70 metre distance from the place of the incident. Following footages, 3 were detained on Wednesday night. They were arrested on Thursday morning. Romit’s 3 friends were also questioned much before these arrests were made but they were released as there was no inconsistency in their statements and they matched with the cctv footages.