‘Open Book Evaluation’ for students from ninth standard


Kolkata: Exams can be given by referring to the book. The practice was prevalent in the Delhi Board. Following the footsteps, the WB HS Council has adopted the the concept. The mid term or half yearly exams of the ninth standard can be given by keeping the text book open infront of the examinee. The mode is called as ‘Open Book Evaluation’.

On the other hand, sticking to the formative and summative evaluation of the eighth standard, a remarkable change is being introduced from class nine onwards.The first 2 exams will be of 50 marks each. 40 marks will be written and the rest ten marks will be given in the form of formative evaluation. However, the students have to answer a full 100 mark in the final term examination.The formative evaluation includes surveys, creative writing , case study, etcetra. The new procedure is sure to give the students a wide exposure and make them more equipped with the present day world.