27 Kg Gold-Biscuit Recovered, Smuggler Arrested

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Siliguri: The Central Investigation department and Siliguri Police jointly foiled gold smuggling plan. They have arrested one person with 27 kg gold and 10 lakh cash from him.

According to the investigation source, the police got to know that a gold smuggling plan to be execute via car on Sevok Road. They detained the car on the road. In a raid they foiled the plan.

Police has informed that, 27 gold biscuit have been recovered from the car, each one weights 1 kg and cost 8 crore. The driver has been arrested and will be produced before Siliguri Sub Divisional court on Saturday.

The investigating team is suspecting an international connection as international logo found on the gold biscuit. Police will urge to court to take thge driver in police custody to found the wide connection involved in such work.

Another source said that, the driver is involved with exporting work of hand crafted goods. he is the president of Nathula Border Trade Association. He was using his designation for smuggling purpose.