266 Years Old Ghosh Bari Jagadhattri Puja In Midnapore


266 Years Old Ghosh Bari Jagadhattri Puja In Midnapore

Midnapore: The century old Ghosh Bari Jagadhatri Puja is continuing since 266 years. It is one of the old house of West Bengal where Jagadhatri Puja takes place with grand celebration and also very famous among the people.

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Late Dwarika Nath Ghosh started this puja 266 years ago. Since then the puja running successfully till now. The eleventh generation of the family continuing the tradition. Many daughters, son stays outside due to work but comes this time to celebrate this family tradition. A least four hundred people gathers on this occasion.

The Jagadhatri idol is adorned with gold and silver ornaments. Sacrifice of goat and Kumari Puja are the main attaraction of the Jagadhatri Puja. Many people from the district offers puja here.

One of the daughter of Ghosh Bari, Mummun Ghosh said, The main puja takes place on Nabami and Dashami . Every year th responsibility of puja lies on the descendants of Dwarika Nath Ghosh but this time late Fanibhushan Ghsoh younder son Amarendra Ghosh and sons in charge of the puja. The house has been illuminated with lights in this year.