26/11 Sole Survivor Police Dog Hospitalised


Mumbai: Ceasar, the sole surviving police dog of 26/11 attack, was admitted to a veterinary hospital in Parel on Sunday due to depression a day after death of his colleague Tiger at a farm in Virar.

Ceasar (11) who has arthritis and is in and out of hospital went into depression ever since Tiger, the black Labrador who worked in the Goregaon unit of the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS), died of lung infection on Saturday.

Ceasar was brought to the Bombay Society for Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals (BSPCA) in an ambulance from Fizzah Farm in Virar where he stays. Animal activist Fizzah Shah said that Ceasar was sad since Tiger passed away. On Saturday he refused to get up and walk. By Saturday night he got high fever. “He is better and is taking some food which is a good sign,” said Shah, who hoped to bring the canine back to the farm soon. Ceasar was running a temperature of 105, which dropped by Monday following medication.

Shah who visited Ceasar at the hospital said that the dog has been affected by the passing away of his colleagues. The three police dogs–Max, Sultan and Tiger passed away in a gap of four months. “Ceasar who has seen all his buddies go away has become extremely sad and depressed. Even though there are many dogs in my farm, he misses his three buddies. The day Tiger died, he was inconsolable,” recalled Shah.The 26/11 dogs came to Fizzah Farms in May last year. Their lungs, liver, kidney have been affected due to sniffing of bombs for 10 years, which is their work tenure. The dogs enjoyed a playful retirement as they lazed around in the farm, played games and even underwent exercise sessions with their caretakers.

According to Shah, though a Labraodor has a life span of 13 to 15 years, there are dogs in her farm who live longer. “These police dogs were sick by the time they retired. I am glad that Max, Sultan and Tiger enjoyed some good time in the farm before they passed away,” said Shah.