259 Journalists Jailed Worldwide In 2016: CPJ Report


New Delhi: According to the latest Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) report, a record 259 journalists jailed worldwide in 2016, with Turkey the leading jailer.

In Turkey, at least 81 journalists are imprisoned. All of them facing anti-state charges, in the wake of an unprecedented crackdown. The country has also reportedly shut more than 100 news outlets.

This year more journalists are jailed around the globe than at any time since the Committee to Protect Journalists began keeping detailed records in 1990, it found in its annual census of journalists imprisoned around the world.

In 2015, 199 journalists were put behind the bars worldwide. However, the previous global record was 232 journalists in jail. It was in the year 2012.

In China, 38 journalists were in prison on December 1. The dragon consistently ranks among the world’s worst jailers of journalists.

In recent weeks, China deepened its crackdown on journalists who cover protests and human rights abuses.

Globally, nearly three-quarters of those imprisoned face anti-state charges. As per report, governments, since 2001, have exploited national security laws to silence critical journalists covering sensitive issues such as political opposition, insurgencies and ethnic minorities.

Twenty out of the 259 journalists held around the world are female. It is pertinent to mention here that CPJ in its annual prison census includes only those journalists who it has confirmed have been imprisoned in relation to their work.