2500 Cr Investment, More Employment Likely To Hit Haldia


Haldia: Bharat Coal Chemicals Limited is set to invest two thousands five hundreds crore in Haldia. State Tourism Minister Shubhendu Adhikary has welcomed the investor in Haldia. He assured hassle free land acquisition in expanding the business.

Shubhendu Adhikary in last year Bishwakarma Puja announced that Haldia will witness massive industrial nourishment within year. Reportedly 2500 crore will be invested in this year.

শুভেন্দুর জমিতে ২৫০০ কোটির বিনিয়োগ, মিলবে প্রচুর চাকরি

Haldia Development Parshad Chairman Shubhendu Adhikary on Tuesday allocated 98 acre land to the concerned authority. The factory will be build at Bhuniyachalk. Amonia Gas Will be produced from Coal.

Local people are happy as employment will take place soon. Reportedly, 1700 people will be employed after finishing the factory.