25 year old raped by tantrik on pretext of curing her


Mumbai: A tantric was arrested for allegedly raping a 25-year-old woman on the pretext of rescuing her from an evil spirit. According to police officials, the accused has been identified as Naveen Malik, who stayed in the same vicinity as the victim in Ghatkopar.

According to an official of the Ghatkopar Police station, ““The accused was a frequent visitor to the victim’s residence as Malik was called by the 25-year-old in order to cure her father’s pain. Her father was suffering from severe joint pain, which wasn’t getting cured even after going to several doctors in the city.

The officer added, “The investigation has revealed that since the time he had been visiting the victim’s residence on the pretext of curing her father, he was planning to rape the 25-year-old.”

On Wednesday he seized the opportunity and sent her father out and took the victim to the mezzanine floor of her residence claiming that he would free her from all the evil spirits roaming around her blew some powder on her face following which she fell unconscious and the Trantik raped her.

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