22 Indian Kids Go Missing In France


Paris: In a case of human trafficking, 25 children, mostly from Punjab, were taken to France and were dumped in a Gurudwara there. They were taken there allegedly on the pretext of a rugby training camp but their return tickets were cancelled by the traffickers.
While three of the group managed to get away or be rescued, the whereabouts of 22 children are still not known.

CBI has filed a human trafficking case against three accused Lalit David Dean, Sanjeev Raj and Varun Choudhary and efforts are on to nab them. According to CBI, in Feb 2016, a group of 25 students was taken from Delhi to Paris to participate in international rugby training on the basis of alleged invitation received from the French Federation. All of them visited Paris and also attended the said training camp there for about a week.

Subsequently, they were dumped in a Gurudwara and their return ticket was cancelled. The FIR says that even their visas, which were obtained from French Embassy at Delhi, were on the basis of forged and fabricated documents.

Two of the boys, however, managed to return from Paris. One of the stranded boys was confronted by French police, who then told them their saga. This is when French police got active and through the Interpol informed CBI.

CBI registered a case on 28th December and raided four premises associated with the accused. CBI says that the accused had collected 25 to 30 lakh from their parents for the alleged rugby training. The whereabouts of 22 children are yet to be traced. The children were in the age group of 13-18. While most of them were from Punjab, some also come from Haryana and Delhi.